Our MOT is a great asset to the government’s road safety strategy… BUT it doesn’t cover everything!

Removal of Parts: The MOT test is a visual inspection and does not involve the dismantling of parts which means that not all defects are visible. (However, doors, boot lids and other means of access will normally need to be opened)

Engine oil quality: Your engine oil provides protection to vital engine components and its quality should always be maintained through servicing to ensure longevity of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment: Whilst damage/wear to other components can indicate poor wheel alignment, this is something that isn’t checked as part of the MOT test. It’s recommended that you have your wheel alignment checked every 2/3 years and after any kind of impact to the wheels.

This is why other forms of vehicle maintenance, such as servicing, are important to be carried out in accordance with manufacturer specification, usually annually.

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