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We carry out Diagnostics in Babbacombe, Torquay

Your vehicle has hundreds of sensors, reading and reporting back to your vehicles ECU(s) (Electronic Control Unit). From the engine, to the traction control. The ECU acts as the brain of the car, and when a sensor on your vehicle is reporting incorrectly or outside of the set parameters a fault is typically recorded, and often brings on a warning light.

This is where vehicle diagnostics comes in…

Diagnostics Babbacombe

Our highly trained Bosch technicians, using the latest technology, then interrogate your vehicle. We connect directly into the car, through its OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port, to find the source of the issue. Now, it’s not quite as simple as the car tells you exactly how to fix the fault, that’s wishful thinking, but it does indicate the area of concern. We then use our many years of expertise and knowledge to interpret the information and ascertain the faulting component(s) to get you back on the road.

At Babbacombe Garage, we have access to brand specific diagnostic data, service schedules and information and look after your entire vehicle needs including: MOT, Service, Diagnostics & Repair.

Don’t Ignore a Warning light!

Often when leading busy lives, it’s easy to say “I’ll deal with it tomorrow”. When a warning light illuminates on any vehicle, it’s doing exactly that… Warning you to have your vehicle checked.
Whilst in many cases a warning light is indicating something minor, it can be giving you a heads up on something more sinister.
Ignoring a warning light could mean a catastrophic failure and/or an unpleasant bill.

Always contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Warning Light On?

  • Engine Management Light

  • Traction Control Light

  • Limp Home / Restricted Performance Mode

More on Vehicle Diagnostics Babbacombe:

Your vehicle communicates through its CAN (Central Area Network) system. This acts similarly to a human’s nervous system.

View the short video to the right where this is explained.

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John Uphill – 2022

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Simon and the team deliver what many of us want in our local garage by consistently being helpful, friendly, efficient, professional and honest. Great team, great garage been using for over 15 years and not a single concern. Thank you guys.

Mark Edwards – 2022

Regular at this garage and honestly would use no other, Simon and his team are first class, they go above and beyond! Highest recommendations from my wife and I.

Vinali Samji – 2022

Simon was very friendly and was thoughtful when I went to get the bottom part of my car fixed. He understood my situation as me and my son came there for a small relaxing trip. I wish him all the best!