Width: The first number is the width of the tyre expressed in millimetres, from one sidewall to the other. E.g. ‘205’mm

Profile: Expressed as a percentage of the tyre’s width, the second number in the size is the profile (height of the tyre). E.g. ‘55’%

Construction: “R” is for Radial construction; this is used on most motor vehicles. Other examples are “B” for Bias-ply or “D” for Diagonal construction.

Wheel Size: Expressed in inches, the diameter of the wheel. E.g. ‘16’ inches

Load Index: This is a code indicating the maximum capacity a tyre can support. E.g. ‘91’ is equivalent to 615kg load.

Speed Rating: Graded alphabetically, each letter denotes the maximum speed a tyre can sustain under the recommended load capacity. E.g. ‘Y’ is equivalent to a maximum speed of 186 mph.

Other Information: Certain tyres come with a particular specification such as Run-Flat tyres, Mud & Snow tyre and Brand specific fitments. E.g. ‘M+S’ for Mud & Snow or ‘MOE’ for Mercedes fitment.

DOT Code: Compliant with Department for Transport vehicle safety standards – DOT week of manufacture/year of manufacture. E.g. DOT 12/22 (made the 12th week in 2022)


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