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Why not book with us before you go…

– Oil Level
– Anti-Freeze
– Lights
– Battery Health OK?
– Tyre Condition
– Vehicle Inspection

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Having your vehicle checked regularly with us ensures your safety, peace of mind and often prevents issues from developing into more series ones! Keep your vehicle maintenance up to date this Autumn:

🚗 MOT?
🚗 Service?
🚗 Oil Level, OK?
🚗 Coolant Level, OK?
💡 Lights?
🔋 Battery Health?

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Five people die on UK roads every day. Why do we still think it’s ok to speed?
#RoadSafetyWeek with


Happy International Men’s Day!


Five people die on UK roads every day. Why do we still think it’s ok to speed?
#RoadSafetyWeek with


Washer Fluid Warning Light on? (AKA: Screen Wash)

This little light will pop up when your windscreen washer fluid is low and needs topping up. This can simply be topped up with water and we’d be pleased to assist. One of the more friendly warning lights, but something that you’ll miss on those wet wintery roads.

Please Note: Often screen wash requires diluting, so remember to read to label if you’re topping it up yourself.

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Remember… Remember… The importance of servicing your vehicle!

Engine oil’s key objective is the PROTECT your engine and it’s the only thing preventing metal-to-metal contact!

Service NOW – SAVE later – Book with us!


With the latest training & technology we can look after your vehicle’s diagnostic requirements. Whether you have a warning light on or more involved diagnostics is required we are here to help!

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Wishing you all very happy bonfire celebrations this weekend!


Happy Halloween! 🎃 Will you trick or treat your car?


Don’t forget to change your clocks! Including on your car!


Tyre damage can happen at anytime and may not always be visible or known to the driver. That’s why it’s important to have your vehicle checked regularly with us!

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Do you know how to find your tyre size?

On the Sidewall of your vehicle’s tyre, you’ll find a series of markings that indicate the Size, Speed Rating & Load Index, DOT code and any other additional information for instance if the tyre is special fitment or a run flat.

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#tyresafety #TyreSafe #TyreSafetyMonth


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